Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bistro Du Vin

After hearing so many reviews of the new Les-Amis themed restaurant known as Bistro Du Vin, i trooped down with a few friends to try out the food there.

Blogger seems to have difficulty uploading photos but i will try my best=)

We stepped into a little quaint oasis of charm and quirkiness very typical (or so i heard) of a Parisian Bistro - that was obviously the inspiration. Red walls, pictures of artwork, parisian buildings, as well as with marble table-tops and brown chairs make for a lovely atmosphere. Very well-decorated and quaint - if every parisian bistro was like that, i would love to go there anytime.

We were served some fresh bread first - nothing much to shout about, but i did like the unsalted butter accompanying it. it was actually very good that i had some seconds.

ZH had a mushroom friscasee with morels and a poached egg; it was really good. Very earthly flavours of mushrooms and herbs (i was trying to figure out what they were - seemed like some fresh parsley, thyme) - all with a nice poached egg on top. classic bistro fare. served with a salad.

The mains came; myself and J did not order starter since we are not working yet and can't afford to spend extravagantly on food. i ordered a duck confit, while J had a lamb stew and ZH had beef braised in red wine.

The duck confit was excellent; very tasty, with a very crispy skin and very tasty duck fat; the meat wasn't that tender (still fine by me) but it was very tasty, with a nice saltiness and savouriness that a confit is supposed to have. i found it a bit too salty, but i guess some folks like it that way. The tasty duck fat was really oomph-inducing, reminders of why i like french food so much (but is so sadly expensive). A pot of "coffee sauce" accompanied my confit and that really added a new dimension to the dish and went very well with the duck, with a bit of sweetness to nullify the savouriness. The fries accompanying it were a nice touch.

The beef braised in red wine was very nice - very robust flavours of beef and red wine, hearty flavours. only gripe could be that it wasn't as generous as it should have been.

the lamb with green peas was not bad -alot of gamey lamb flavours.

J had a lemon tart which was quite excellent; very tart (pardon the pun), and light, refreshingly ending off the meal.

ZH's profiteroles were bad: the crust wasn't too light, probably because it was kept in the fridge for too long or something.

i had a creme brulee; it was served in a shallow dish to allow for more "burnt caramel" per total caramel; it was excellent, if a bit too sweet; at least real vanilla beans were used. It would be perfect if the dish was slightly deeper and less wide, so that you don't get so much burnt caramel per total caramel - at some points it felt like eating candy.

Overall not bad but not worth the price we paid. Hmm. (7.5/10)
Not value for money!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Brussel Sprouts

Had a small 'dinner' for some friends for my birthday=)

So I 'jioed' the friends all down to brussels sprouts, coz they were having a mussels promotion - half price after 10, or before seven.
since everyone was late and i was having exams, it'd have to be after 10 then.

so i ordered some beer to start things off:

we had an Orval. this being the first time i tried orval, it was actually very good - very refreshing, light, punchy....
it's been so long i cant remember the taste actually but i really liked it :) wanted to switch with my friend haha but she liked it too. soh well.

Had a main course of duck confit. the rendition here is pretty good. the skin is crisp, the meat is tasty, flavourful, and flakes off easily. how a good confit should be. and it is accompanied by a cherry beer (kwak) reduction that cuts through the richness of the meat.

The mussels came later: we ordered quite a few to share:
white wine sauce, provence sauce, beer sauce, and another....
all very good, with sweet delicate mussels in a tasty sauce. great to mop up with the fries served on the side.

pity the fries weren't very good though - cut too thick.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

AGes since i posted huh.

well.u noe that my food blogging days of travelling around scouring for good food is kinda gone. kinda because i dont have that many classes so alot of my days are spent eating at home (which is good and cheap) and that u noe maybe im a bit lazy and petrol is a bit more expensive and yadayadayada.

well hope u like reading what i write. i hope i do also.

sometimes we write for posterity's sake. like for our own goodselves to read and maybe chuckle at how lovely we are.


as for me.


let me blog.

i shall blog about this nice place called Paradise Inn, a branch of Taste Paradise, and it is really quite nice. location: west coast plaza, just next to my church.

went there twice already, and i shall just recapture my experiences.

first time was with zh and friends.

this is watercress soup - very nutritious. loads of watercress.

the stewed su-dong-po pork. gelatinious layers of pork (esp with the fats lovingly melting in your mouth) in tasty viscous sauce.

wok-fried noodles: quite tasty.

this was quite nice: wasabi mayo prawns. very fresh prawns: however there could be more wasabi.

sauteed eggplant with chilli: very nice.

The second time i came with my parents and this is what we had:

Spinach with 3 eggs: this was good, a bit of minced meat with the 3 eggs: can't really go wrong with this dish huh.

Fried Rice: very fragrant, good wok hei.

Hotplate tofu: very good! the sauce coating the tofu was very delicious. loads of oyster sauce and whatnot, i bet.

AH, THE piece de-resistance: steamed fish head (carp) with spicy hot sauce, all covered with crackling lard bits. this was super delicious. the fish was very fresh and had a nice delicate flavour that went very well with the deliciously spicy gravy, which was tangy, savoury, a bit sweet, all at once - it is what is known as 'hot sauce', go try this! the lard bits on the top were very sinful tho, could feel my arteries being clogged.
(no need to rate the others huh)