Sunday, July 5, 2009

AGes since i posted huh.

well.u noe that my food blogging days of travelling around scouring for good food is kinda gone. kinda because i dont have that many classes so alot of my days are spent eating at home (which is good and cheap) and that u noe maybe im a bit lazy and petrol is a bit more expensive and yadayadayada.

well hope u like reading what i write. i hope i do also.

sometimes we write for posterity's sake. like for our own goodselves to read and maybe chuckle at how lovely we are.


as for me.


let me blog.

i shall blog about this nice place called Paradise Inn, a branch of Taste Paradise, and it is really quite nice. location: west coast plaza, just next to my church.

went there twice already, and i shall just recapture my experiences.

first time was with zh and friends.

this is watercress soup - very nutritious. loads of watercress.

the stewed su-dong-po pork. gelatinious layers of pork (esp with the fats lovingly melting in your mouth) in tasty viscous sauce.

wok-fried noodles: quite tasty.

this was quite nice: wasabi mayo prawns. very fresh prawns: however there could be more wasabi.

sauteed eggplant with chilli: very nice.

The second time i came with my parents and this is what we had:

Spinach with 3 eggs: this was good, a bit of minced meat with the 3 eggs: can't really go wrong with this dish huh.

Fried Rice: very fragrant, good wok hei.

Hotplate tofu: very good! the sauce coating the tofu was very delicious. loads of oyster sauce and whatnot, i bet.

AH, THE piece de-resistance: steamed fish head (carp) with spicy hot sauce, all covered with crackling lard bits. this was super delicious. the fish was very fresh and had a nice delicate flavour that went very well with the deliciously spicy gravy, which was tangy, savoury, a bit sweet, all at once - it is what is known as 'hot sauce', go try this! the lard bits on the top were very sinful tho, could feel my arteries being clogged.
(no need to rate the others huh)

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