Monday, July 20, 2009

Brussel Sprouts

Had a small 'dinner' for some friends for my birthday=)

So I 'jioed' the friends all down to brussels sprouts, coz they were having a mussels promotion - half price after 10, or before seven.
since everyone was late and i was having exams, it'd have to be after 10 then.

so i ordered some beer to start things off:

we had an Orval. this being the first time i tried orval, it was actually very good - very refreshing, light, punchy....
it's been so long i cant remember the taste actually but i really liked it :) wanted to switch with my friend haha but she liked it too. soh well.

Had a main course of duck confit. the rendition here is pretty good. the skin is crisp, the meat is tasty, flavourful, and flakes off easily. how a good confit should be. and it is accompanied by a cherry beer (kwak) reduction that cuts through the richness of the meat.

The mussels came later: we ordered quite a few to share:
white wine sauce, provence sauce, beer sauce, and another....
all very good, with sweet delicate mussels in a tasty sauce. great to mop up with the fries served on the side.

pity the fries weren't very good though - cut too thick.

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michelle said...

shawn poon I want to cry. your blog is making my stomach eat itself alive. I am so miserable but I can't stop reading!! :( :(
-- micheyeo