Monday, January 4, 2010

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Coffee is my latest addiction; it has been for the past well, half a year, i suppose. I just love the robustness of a good espresso-based coffee, with its full body and earthly aromas. But seriously most of the places in SGP are really CMI, merely existing to satisfy a lifestyle, or to make money from ignorant Singaporeans. But thankfully there are a few places that serve a really good cup of java.

Oh btw speaking of coffee there's a song by Kristen Chenoweth called "Taylor the latte boy" which is really cute. it's about how a girl falls in love with a barista known as taylor, and how they flirt as he gives her free shots, free foam. all that in a very big coffee chain.

i'm not really a fan of that big coffee chain though. yes, it is a CMI place for real coffee aficionados. So here are some more suggestions [i realised that i've actually posted alot of coffee links before]:

I've already blogged about Oriole Cafe, and Cafe Beviamo, but now add Papa Palheta to the list. Located at Hooper Road off Bukit Timah Road, it is a non-descript place. You enter by the back which brings u into an outdoor area. The indoor seating area is very individualistically quirky, reminding my coffee companion of some of the cafes in melbourne. indeed it could even be someone's house. Think antiques on one side, random objects artfully placed around the seating area, fabrics, etc.

It is actually a place where they sell beans so they don't actually retail coffee as an F n B beverage. But i guess what often happens is that they serve you coffee and you offer them a tip to cover their costs.
Their Terra Firma latte was well done. Very robust and full bodied with earthly aromas that could cut through the milk.

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Cindy said...

Hi, can I ask how much is usual to tip? Tip is a bit vague. Is it $2? $4? $6?