Monday, January 4, 2010

Cugini Trattoria

Everyone has been blogging about Cugini, and thus when R and J celebrated their 22nd birthday at Cugini, there was more than the usual excitement about a friend's birthday party, i also get to try some good food.

The place is very traditional, and i guess it must be pretty authentic. very high ceilings, with light blue panellings in place. guitar. open kitchen concept. but i guess this doesn't matter. its a nice place and pretty casual in style.

I ordered the Seafood Pasta, which, if you follow ieat's blog, you'd notice that they created the pasta specially for him because they ran out of sea urchin pasta that time. So I had to try it, which I did. Boy it was great. Very very yummilicious. It was really just tomato-based seafood pasta with mussels, fish, prawns, but each mouthful was so delicious, since the "unami" flavours of the sea really came through. A very harmonious blend of seafood flavours, tasting of the sea, inter-melded with a sweet tomato base that balanced these flavours perfectly. It was so good i was so sad when i finished it. aww.
oh well.

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