Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gen Shu Mei Shi She Jia

Got the recommendation from Ieat's website (as a really must try) so I went down after class this morning to try the food here, which he says is a hidden gem. And indeed it was a great recommendation. Located at Toa Payoh Lorong 4, block 74, it's just a hawker centre, but the food here is quite outstanding.

We had the Yam Cake, which was one of the best I've eaten, comparable to the great one at Chinatown Complex (open only after 5). It was very soft, tasty, and savoury, with a delicious sweet sauce and sting in the chilli accompanying it. Very very good! I would come back for this [8.5/10]

I also had the Steamed Rice with Chicken and Lap Cheong which was also excellent. The chicken was tasty enough and imparted a smoky flavour to the rice, with the addition of some salted fish. Not too salty, but yet tasty. (8/10)

Gen Shu came out to talk to us about Hong Kong, China, and he was just going on and on; felt bad to stop him but we really needed to go, so my friend told him that, come back next time got discountor not! haha. i think my friend really liked the food here too.

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