Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ippudo Ramen

Went down to Ippudo on Monday to try out their Ramen, which i heard is the 'best in singapore' (from a friend).and because it was so famous, i had to try it. any self-respecting food blogger would need to try ippudo, anyway, since it is, like, how famous. Luckily my expectations were not pushed up too greatly because some food blogs (notably 'never trust a scrawny foodie' - see e link at e side) have said that this ramen is merely average.

So W and I went to the mandarin gallery to check out ippudo ramen. the decor was really nice. there was a chandelier right in the middle with seating on all sides. and bowls of different colours, red and white. very minimalist.

the food came very fast; i ordered the red one (which is the one which is spicy, with miso paste, and garlic oil), and when it came it looked pretty good. What was good was the noodles, perfectly springy with good bite; the egg was very very good, very fresh and full of eggy taste. and the pork was just exquisite, very very flavourful.
what was not so good was the soup; yes it was savoury, but had just alot of MSG, and while spicy, it did not have the 'rounded' taste characteristic of santouka's stock, where you can really taste the collagen and pork that comes from boiling much pork. it tasted a bit like bak chor mee soup, in the idea of pork savouriness, but not that 'rounded' taste.



ice said...

Hmm... soup was spicy? You're lucky with that egg, was it runny? Mine wasn't, so was Michelle's.

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