Monday, January 4, 2010

It has been ages since I've last posted.
the rigours of composing a musical, plus school work, has meant that the poor foodie in me has been neglected for about, 6 months! oh well. such is life.

I have been eating, really. just not posting. i'm just going to randomly update what i've been eating, in no particular order.

Ye Lai Xiang Chng Tng
This is seriously seriously awesome. Without hesitation, this is THE best cheng tng in Singapore. It's a pity i don't stay in the East, if not i'll come here everyday. It is absolutely fantabulous. The cheng tng has a lovely "cooling" effect, with fragrant pandan sweetness. The ingredients used are very fresh, and what makes it special is the little 'secret ingredients' that you find in the soup, bits of watermelon peel, pumpkin peel, candied fruits, that lend a bit of texture and sweetness to the soup. The longans are also very flavourful and fresh.


ice said...

wow wow wow welcome back. (: These 3 things are what I'm craving for now. Could do with a yummy seafood pasta, awesome coffee & refreshing cheng tng. btw, Oriole's piccolo latte rocks.

ceadsearc said...

hahaa yeah sorry been busy with exams and stuff. i really admire how u guys can keep up with blogging everything everyday man, and maintain that consistency! i find it a hassle just uploading photos, etc. haha.
yeah it does (the piccolo latte) haha. great stuff hor.