Monday, January 18, 2010

Lei Garden, Chijmes

A friend was celebrating his 25th birthday (okay, quarterlife crisis maybe) and so we decided to pop down to Lei Garden, at Chijmes. First, let me just start off by saying that the ambience at Chijmes is really awesome. It feels just like Central Vienna, you can imagine the 'chapel' being the St Stephansdom around with the surrounding cafes and shops and lots of people just thronging the areas. it is the life. and what i love most are the trees, with their little "lights" that shine so brightly. Anyway i digress. lei garden is at chijmes right, and the decor is super nice. Think about it, high ceilings, victorian lights, big big glass windows.

P decided to order the food for us because he knows cantonese and apparently it would be nice, so we trusted him. it was good. First up was a soup; it seemed like a very rich chicken broth, with pork bones, and mushrooms. very "cheng".

Next up was roast char siew. This was very well done, with just the right hints of "sweetness" in the sauce and tender meat. Could have been more charred but no complaints.

The piece de resistance came next: Peking Duck, their specialty. This was done pretty well, served the usual style in a crepe. The skin was nicely roasted and flavourful with all the usual "duck" juices, the meat was a bit fatty. but it was good. Only problem was that i wish we had more!

Next up: stir-fried beef with Foie Gras apparently. but i can't taste no foie gras. the beef was done quite well, in a refined, flavourful sauce with no overpowering ingredients.

Vegetables came next, and it was a let down; i don't really care much for big kai lan.

The duck meat came next (from the peking duck): this was okay.

And lastly, some "beans", minced meat, all to be eaten by stuffing it in fresh lettuce. Quite an interesting mix of textures, the cold crisp lettuce pairing with savoury meats. Interesting.

We ended the day with a yum seng to W and some Moet for the occasion. oh it was fun. we adjourned somewhere else but i shall not blog about that because it would spoil e occasion. Have a great day fellas!

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