Saturday, January 23, 2010

Morton's, Oriental

Morton's is an institution, widely regarded as THE place for steak. so apart from the joy of celebrating a dear friend's birthday, I was also quite excited about the food, when T and her generous family (thanks!) invited a few of us friends over to Morton's. The last time I came to Morton's was probably in 2004 when i still subscribed to the Economist and they gave us a Steak FOC courtesy of the magazine. But that was a long time ago. Now who can resist Morton's?

The atmosphere of the place was very lively, think wood panelling, black wood, and a lively atmosphere comprising waitresses and waiters who seek to infuse the restaurant with a carnivalesque atmosphere. Think random 'happy birthdays', 'menu presentations' featuring trolleys of aged beef, you know, the works.

Okay, so I should probably be talking about the food. Yes. We ordered 2 appetizers to share, Crab Cakes and Oysters.
The Oysters were wonderful. Very fresh, tasting of the sea, with none of the stale flavours from not-fresh oysters. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to the Borough Market oysters (1 pound per oyster). The saline flavours of the sea engulfed my tastebuds as I slurped the oyster down, with just a bit of Lemon. That's all was needed, really! Excellent (9/10)

Crab Cakes were very very good! The crabs used were very very fresh, and it was superbly tasty. It's not like those crab cakes where it's mainly flour, this one was chock-full of crab meat. It was as though you were eating Jumbo Crabs but without the hassle of the shell preparations. Seasoned lightly with some salt and pepper and dipped in mayonaise, this was a true delight to eat. (9/10)

In the tradition of some esteemed food bloggers, I had my Ribeye Chicago-style, ie charred on the outside and pink inside, cooked to medium rare doneness. The photos are courtesy of my friend SJ which means that for the first time I do have nice photos for the blog! Amazing. This was a joy to eat. From the first bite, i absolutely LOVED the interplay between the charred broiled flavours on the outside, and the beefiness and depth of flavour of aged beef cooked just right to medium rare. It didn't need none of those hollandaise sauces on the side: it was great just eating good USDA Prime meat in its own juices. Sublime, with very good marbling just like a ribeye. Best steak in SGP by far, but of course super expensive. (9/10)

We had desserts, of course, starting with Morton's Signature Chocolate Cake. One bite of this and I was hooked: Full of chocolate flavour and yet not too sweet (which is the pitfall of many molten chocolate cakes), this one was rich and luscious and somehow light enough not to make it too "jelak". One of the best (9/10)

We also ordered the apple crumble. This was not too bad, but compared to the sublime cuisine featured above, I have to say this was just okay. still good though (7.5/10)


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