Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oriole Cafe

Going to oriole is a habitual thing for me: i go at least once a week, or sometimes maybe a bit more. So usually i don't blog about oriole, especially if i'm just going to buy my usual takeaway latte / iced latte, which they do wonderfully well. But this time I'll blog because there were some new beans that they were roasting, Sumatran, and so I asked for my latte done with those beans.

Boy it was pretty good. Very low acidity, dark flavours, hints of wood, tobacco, and a burnt toasted finish, with sweetness from the milk. a very smooth cup. i'm liking this pretty much, it was quite awesome. (8/10)

The chocolate cake that we had was very good as well. It was very very rich, with very good chocolate used, and enough sweetness. the accompanying ice cream helped cut through the richness of the fudge, which was great. (8/10)


Anonymous said...

sorry i didn't manage toget your grinders! the bratwurst shop in PS uses grinders tho

you think oriole coffee is good enough for aussie tastebuds/noses?

ceadsearc said...

Some people don't like oriole too much, they prefer papa palheta, which i shall blog about very soon. But for me oriole is still very good. they have new beans. it depends on wht u like. i like my cofee with milk so i cant really tell how godo their espresso is