Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black Coffee, 111 Somerset

Opposite the really great coffee at Oriole is another great coffee place, called Black Coffee, located right across the road (Somerset Road)! I've been there many times ever since the first time that i went to that place with E, and never looked back. Black's coffee is amazing. It has the rich chocolately earthly flavours which go very well with milk. Although the coffee is not as 'acidic', read - bright as Oriole's, i feel that each place has its own flavours; Go to oriole if you want brighter notes and overtones, go to Black if you want darker richer undertones.
Black coffee, it's great! and the service staff are very nice too. (8.5/10)

Nowadays for my coffee fix i only go to Black, Oriole, or Papa Palheta. There were some other places but so far now these are the three that I'm frequenting.

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