Sunday, February 14, 2010

Triple Three, Mandarin Meritus

Heard loads about Triple Three before our family went down for our CNY dinner - mum kept boasting about how good the food is - so I had to try it out for myself. First impressions on the decor: rather modern in design, with slabs of granite? and a rather contemporary feel.
I scoured the food section to see what the range was. It seemed quite promising: there was Oysters and the usual seafood, sashimi sliced to order, wagyu beef selection, lamb, teppanyaki, tempura, the usual western dishes, noodles, soups, indian food, and of course, desserts.
I shall just run through what I ate - the good, the bad, the average:
First up, sashimi: oh this was good; the mekajiki was as fresh as can be, the salmon belly very palatable, the salmon also very fresh; hamachi not too bad tho i'm not really a fan.
Next up, oysters on the half-shell: this was quite good; out of the eight i ate, only one wasn't really fresh; they were good enough to be eaten with just lemon alone, although i think borough market oysters still takes the cake.
The main dishes next:
Wagyu roast beef was exquisite; full of flavour, with a truffle gravy, and lovely marbled fat giving good mouthfeel.
Lamb leg was just average really.
Miso Chilean Sea Bass was really excellent, one of the highlights; very flavourful caramelised miso-glazed sea bass which flaked very nicely.
Lobster bisque was very rich though it could have done with more lobster flavour.
Baked lobster was good - with a bit of dijon mustard on the side.
Tempura was very light and crisp; good.
Had a selection of cheeses after that, and after that desserts:
it was mainly an assortment of cakes, nothing that spectacular, though the apple strudel was amazing, still very hot and rich with a vanilla sauce giving a good contrast to raisins and apples and cinnamon; the other highlight was the hazelnut crunch. the others were rather nondescript though.
Of particular note was the live "spanish guitar" band making their rounds. full of jokes, with good music and singing, we were entertained throughout.



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