Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crystal Jade Kitchen

I went to Crystal Jade Kitchen twice over the last weekend, once on Friday with friends and once on Sunday with the family, for unpretentious, delicious, Cantonese cuisine. I only took photos the second time with the family, so here goes:

Hor Fun with seafood in gravy - this was quite excellent; superior stock reminscient of the stock that you'd get with Sharks Fin, fragrant, savoury brown sauce, smothering smooth hor fun. i wished the horfun had more wok hei though, that was really what i was looking for, but can't complain. the portions were quite generous - it came with scallops, prawns, and fish. ($14.50)

Roasted Duck - our family ordered half a duck to share and this was quite excellent; very tasty meat, with a wonderful roasted smoky flavour, and went very well with the "plum" sauce on the side. (8.5/10)

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