Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Julien Bompard

Just came back from Julien Bompard, again for Restaurant Week. The decor this time was far different from Forlino's - almost diametrically opposite, with light pastel walls, comfortable airy high ceilings, glass panels, open concept - as opposed to the rather more European dark timbres of Forlino's.

The food was also different; Julien Bompard specialises in Spanish-French cuisine, thus for the set lunch the menu consisted of smoked duck breast; the main course was a choice between Paella or Pork lion/jowl with apple sauce, and the dessert was coconut cake with Chocolate gelato.

We ordered some Foie Gras to start; Foie Gras is always excellent. I just love the richness of the liver and THAT liver taste, which is nearly always complemented by tart sauce to cut through the richness. Wow its been so long since I have had foie gras - so for that, it deserves a (8/10)

First course was the smoked duck breast - it was not too bad, quite subtle in flavour; what was nice was the little portions of wild mushrooms which added a nice earthly twist to the dish, complementing the duck. didn't see what the point is with the vegetables though. (7/10)

Second course was Pork Jowl, Loin, and other parts of the pork, with roast apples and onions; now this was truly stunning. The pork was extremely flavourful and porky, with a nice hearty, earthly, rich flavour that really shone through; what was nice was that they gave us different parts of pork which really was a nice contrast in flavour and texture; there was a bacon-like bit which had a more earthly duck-confit-like flavour; the loin was more tender, and there was some bits that really were melt in your mouth tender. Lovely. (8.5/10)

Dessert was coconut cake with chocolate fondant i thought the cake was a bit hard, unfortunately; the chocolate wasn't as rich as I would have liked it to be; this wasn't that good. (6.5/10)

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