Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nara Japanese Restaurant

Wanted to go to Matsuo's but the queue was ridiculously long (requiring a one hour wait) - so we ended up at Nara instead. Nara's at Goldhill as well, in a pretty nondescript shophouse nearby Udders. The interior was pretty dark and wooden - perfect for quiet conversation, I guess.

For lunch they had a few lunch sets which were quite reasonable, below $20. I ordered the sashimi set which came with rice, sashimi, chawan mushi, and a little appetizers on the side.
The sashimi was of pretty high quality; the tuna was ok, the salmon was very fresh and tasty, full of fish oils; there was swordfish as well - yummy - i love swordfish; and a few pieces of hamachi which were quite delicious too.

The chawan mushi didn't fare as well though - it was of a very nice texture, but the taste was a bit lacking, as though the daiko stock was not good.

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