Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After all the talk about K-Ki, from all the bloggers (ice especially has been constantly raving about the pastries here), I decided to go down and try it for myself, as a little treat for yours truly.
I already had good "vibes" upon entering the place; the smell of fresh cream and pastries, and butter lingers in the air. There were just a few small tables; the rest was a clothing shop apparently. By the counter, there were only a few cakes left, so i went for the "annabelle" (i think) which was white chocolate and mango. It was really small (like half my palm size) and it costs SDG$8. EIther something was really good or i was just being ripped off. Hope it was the former.

Sat down and had a bite; ooh it was good. Delicate white chocolate with a mousse-like texture; the flavours were very well-balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness. you could tell that they used premium ingredients to make this. There were hints of, dare i say, coconut, just a tad, the creaminess and flavour of good white chocolate, and all this was complemented very well with the slightly-tart but fragrant mango puree inside. great.

(8.5/10) - i would bump it up to a 9 if it were bigger. haha.

after that i had my usual cuppa from CuppaChoice round the corner (across the road); now that was excellent. Usually I'd travel down to Papa Palheta for great service and excellent coffee - one day i'll review it properly - but this cuppachoice was just as excellent. very aromatic coffee with the right amount of brightness and acidity.

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ice said...

It's called antoinette, named after the drom store's female owner. (: