Monday, May 24, 2010

Am blogging from a computer at my hostel now; Im in dijon, just finished the tour of Paris, which was for four days. Paris is really quite a beautiful city; if a bit dirty, but the architectures splendid; however i didnt enjoy it as much as london, mainly because je paux le pas francais: so it was a bit tough communicating: heh:
When I return from the trip on 18 june I will blog about the wonderful food in all the cities; Iùve already been to LAtelier de joel robuchon and that was quite amazing and a wonderful dining experience; Ive stored the tasting notes in my primitive handphone so i dont forget the flavours: they were quite unforgettable actually. The guys were so nice to us that we got free desserts from them; A must try. Wait for the full review.

Parisian food did not blow me away, mainly because we werent really prepared to blow our fortune on a Tallievant or something like that; so much was spent eating in little bistros by the street. a particularly good bistro was our first place, located near the Latin Quarter, near the Pantheon. Had lamb shanks which were great; paired with red wine: the wines amawingly cheap like 3 euro for a bottle for pretty good wines; you can get appellation de controlleè for that price. had the usual steak fritès, duck confit, usual stuff like that:

Oh and I finally tried the latte from Monmouth coffee in London: Now that is a thing of beauty; Perfectly balanced, there was lots of bright acidity, a rounded finish, something magical about the blend and the creation; A perfect cuppa; Again wait for my review!

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