Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm flying off to London, and to the rest of Europe (Berlin, Vienna, Paris) on Sunday, so be prepared for lots more food entries as I scour Europe for wonderful eats! Am definitely going to bring my camera; have already booked L'Atelier Joel Robuchon (London) and Steirereck (Vienna), so let's see how that turns out =) . Especially looking forward to Steirereck because of the rave reviews and that it's ranked 21st in the world. How cool is that!

Anyway back to old Singapore. I have been eating, that's true, but because the foodie in me needs rest, well, I eat less now. usually just one meal's a proper one. the rest is just fish and oats, really.

Headed down to Spruce with p the other day since it was my first time there; The ambience was really lovely, i really loved the outdoor seating area which was next to a playground; very cosy and one'd imagine it to be a great place for brunch (which apparently it is, I just haven't had a chance to have brunch there). But dinner was perfect, since there were warm lights, delightful candles, and a nice buzz of conversation from the full tables nearby.

I ordered my "European Burger", which consisted of Beef, Blue cheese, and onions; pretty much the 'bistro burger' from brewerkz, if you'd like. this was not bad; the beef was quite flavourful and well marinated; the blue cheese was infused into the patty so that each bite had the tartness of the blue cheese contrasting with the richness of the beef. good stuff. and the bun was a joy to eat as well with those black sesame seeds. one of the better burgers around - it could be bigger though! (8/10)

The desserts we ordered were just monstrous; Here's the Salted Caramel with chocolate cake; it was sooo rich; it was good, but perhaps too rich! i could tell that the chocolate was not grade A chocolate - check out the next post on laurient bernard for proper chocolate. this one was a bit more commercial - maybe nydc standard. but still good. we couldn't finish it, even sharing it for 2; it was that big!

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