Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journey to the East

A, M, and I embarked on a journey to the east - I'm a westie, so once you go to the east you have to try pretty much everything: thus boy, we were stuffed full at the end! It all started with the famous Hill Street CKT - Block 16 Bedok South Road. This is a makansutra institution, at at my suggestion (being the makanguru with a food blog) A and M decided to trot happily to bedok south to try this one out. The queue wasn't as long as I'd have expected; how did it taste? well, still very good wok hei; nice chives; the best bits were the parts where the egg, noodles, and everything else combine for flavour; however, i think the standard has dropped; it wasn't jaw-droppingly good. the first time i tried it i think a year back (or two), it was just perfect. This time maybe I'm not in the mood for CKT already, or perhaps this one has just dropped in standard a wee bit.
(8/10) - still one of the best around.

Next up was Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng (Bedok Corner); this one still hits the mark; i think i have blogged about it before but this is undisputedly the best cheng tng in singapore. nothing else comes close. the dried longan infused soup is just so refreshing. (9/10)

We adjourned to East Coast Lagoon Village after that; I really wanted to try Leng Heng's (the BBQ stall) Kiam Chye Ar but they were closed; so i had the next best thing - Hwa Eng BBQ Wantan mee - and boy this was great! The noodles were very QQ and al-dente; the sauce was very flavourful and the use of thickening agent meant that it coated the noodles well; the chilli was just shiok; the char siew was great; even the wantans were good. the soup could have been better, but hey i'm not complaining! One of the best bowls of Wantan noodles, comparable to the one at Lavender Street. Probably also edges old airport road. (8.5/10)

Also on the menu was Haron's Satay; this is the one with the green and yellow labels; ah this was very good. very flavourful - A eats it without the sauce and i can see why. The chicken still tastes like chicken! (8/10)

Last, we went to Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh. We were pretty stuffed by then - (you could see why) - so we just shared one claypot's worth of BKT among 3 people. This is the herbal hokkien style where it's boiled with lots of herbs. this one was not bad; quite peppery and herbal at the same time, the soup had much flavour, and a very clean aftertaste from the herbs. We kept downing the soup till the waiters i bet were pretty annoyed. (WHAT - orderONE Bowl and keep refilling soup? what do you think we are!) - but hey, people eat BKT to enjoy free soup yah. haha. that's taken into account in the rather high price tag too!

We were absolutely stuffed, but happy=) Here's to europe!

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