Saturday, May 1, 2010

Papa Palheta

I have to share with you one of my favourite coffee joints - Papa Palheta. Papa Palheta is nested in a very cosy corner along Hooper Road [it's off Bukit Timah Road - just after Newton circus, towards town, after the Shell petrol kiosk]. Turn in, and walk in, and enter by a backdoor. yes, and a little comforting oasis awaits you. it's rather bohemian. [i have no pictures because my camera doesn't do it justice - but then, just enjoy the words]. you enter via an alley of whitewashed walls, and palm trees dance overhead, giving valuable shade with its foliage. inside, there's a coffee bar of wooden teak, an antique tube-stereo, and of course the coffee machine - a syneso [they're the official distributors of syneso for singapore], as well as drip coffee if you'd like. enter the seating area - and you get comfortable carpets, a gramophone, reclining chairs, antique furniture in little corners, textiles hidden in cupboards, tables with chi-chi magazines, and teak furniture. my friend remarked that it feels remarkably like one of the cafes in Melbourne, you know, where each store proprietor dresses up the cafe in his/her own unique style, imbuing the place with his/her personality. it's very bohemian, like i said. actually, please go. it's hard to describe this in words, really!

How was the coffee? Good! What I like is that they have many different beans, which means that you get different flavours for different moods. The terra firma is full bodied, robust, and goes well with milk; the japanese blend (i can't remember the name) is fragrant, not that heavy, but still very interesting. then there are single origins to satiate your palate, such as costa rican (a bit smoky, like cigarettes), guatamalan, ethopian sidamo, etc. go check out the official website for more information. What i really loved was the Kenyan fair trade coffee; it had the scent of peach, nice fruit, and lovely balance. great stuff.

coffee: 8.5/10
atmosphere: 9/10

go check it out!
(yes they're my friends, but then it doesn't mean the coffee is anything worse!)

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