Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chikuwa tei

A break from my Europe posts - in fact there havent been many, because I've been so lazy, but well, this is one that is a joy to write. Chikuwa Tei is really familiar to most bloggers because the chef is the same chef from Wasabi Tei, which is pretty much an institution amongst floggers for the fun/harrowing experience of eating in his restaurant. So now he's moved to comparatively more spacious premises, and the prices have moved upmarket to match as well. It's a proper restaurant now, with tables, waitresses, the lot. The old grumpy chef now looks much happier, without his assistant - was it her fault, really? Either way, he was all smiles. A welcome change!

I ordered my usual Chirashi Sushi, which is pictured here:

Chirashi Sushi: S$25++:
This was just as excellent as I remembered it, if the price had gone up by 5 dollars. Thick thick slices of salmon, full of flavour; 2 large sweet hotate (scallops); tuna which was quite palatable. 4 fat slices of hamachi (or is it kempachi, i can't tell), which were also very tasty. And to top it off, some uni, yums. Love the seaish metallic taste. Yum.

My friend had the Set dinner that night ($39) which was pretty worth it - it came with 4 slices of salmon sashimi, tempura, and a real large slab of salmon - it was so big, omg, but done so well, flaky and tasty at the same time.

Still good after these years. Highly recommended.