Saturday, August 14, 2010

Block 16, bedok south road

After soccer we went to the east for a time of feasting on really cheap and good food, you know the type that you can eat like a king for ten dollars.
We went thus to bedok south block 16 which is opposite tjc for some really cheap and good food.

Hill street ckt needs no introduction and this time I felt that it was up to form. The wok hei was sufficient, there was lots of 'heat', was savoury and each morsel pretty delicious. We shared a plate since ckt is too sinful to finish a plate all by oneself. But yeah I felt it was up to form at this time. 8/10

Next up was my main course, fish soup from Choon huat fish heAd steamboat. They offer a choice of garoupa or sea bass so of course garoupa is for me! Was quite awesome. The fish in chunky slices was quite fresh and soft while the soup was very tasty and full of fish oils if a bit too much of the fried onions which made it a pleasure to slurp nptwithstanding my poor arteries. Slurped it all up! 8/10

Location:Clementi West Street 2,,Singapore

Sapporo bishamon ramen

Had sapporo bishamon ramen, funan centre - it was really nice, to my surprise! The Miso ramen was rich and quite flavorful and full of Unami, with all the sweetcorn and the egg was pretty tender. Very unami - this was a good find which is near the place of work now. 8/10

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Location:W Coast Rd,Singapore,Singapore

Lee tong kee

Lee tong kee is a household name for Ipoh hor fun apparently but I never knew about it. My friend recommended it and so we trooped down after class to try this place.

We started off with some Kailan which was done quite competently.

This was a highlight- Beancurd with egg white was deliciously tasty- very nice- with a bit of smoky and rounded flavours. 8/10

This was the highlight of the show- soya sauce chicken was perfectly cooked and so tender inside and full of flavor and taste.

The Ipoh hor fun itself - smooth and lively with an agreeable sauce to go along with it. Nice.

This place is pretty nice and well recommended and worth a visit. Located at south bridge road opposite Maxwell market and tong Heng.

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Location:W Coast Rd,Clementi,Singapore