Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moi Lum

moi lum is a decades-old cantonese restaurant, very popular with the old crowd, and foodies in the know. i was fortunate to be friends with the chef's son, chris, while both serving national service in the civil defence. he had always asked me to go to his restaurant and im glad i did, coz the food was good, and very reasonable.

I went back once, a few months back, but well I can't find the photos for that time, so i'll make do with just blogging about this newest visit to his restaurant.

(moi lum, by the way, is located at maxwell road, just opposite maxwell market).

with the family, sometimes it's crazy to decide what to order; the $88 set menu for 5-6 people looked appetizing enough, so we went for that.

the first dish was sea cucumber with crab meat soup: this was very well done, flavourful superior stock with pieces of sea cucumber and crabmeat. flavourful. im a sucker for double boiled sharks-fin-esque soups, i admit.

their majestic roast chicken is a thing to behold: crisp skin, tender meat, with just the right amount of seasoning. it's tasty to eat on its own but also good with the accompanying sea salt. great. (8/10)

i didn't take a photo of the vegetable dish but it was "big vegetable" (i dont know how to put it in english) with a sauce of mushroom, braised. quite delicious as well.

then there were some pork ribs, deep fried and breaded. this was tasty but not my favourite. (6.5/10)

the last dish was quite impressive as well: live prawns boiled in stock; the stock was really quite awesome, it had wolfberries, and a copious amount of hua-tiaojiu, me thinks. so good. the prawns were very fresh, and the stock was meant to be slurped. haha.

definitely a place you should go. recommended.

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