Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nakhon Kitchen

I played tennis in the east, and afterwards C brought us out for FOOD - we were supposed to go to his friend's zhi char place but they were closed, and so we went to block 85 which was closed as well. Eerily. Perhaps there was a bedok gang going around beating people. or something along those lines. anyway, c then recommended us this place called Nakhon Kitchen, which apparently had very good thai food at cheap prices. Only thing is, we'd have to queue, but that's fine, so long as the food's decent and good.

And sure enough, the queue was about 6 "groups" long - zzz, bopian, we were famished, and had to eat, so queued up, and in a while we had our table, and our food! yums.

First dish that arrived was the Sambal kangkong, and the great thing about this dish was the real 'wok hei' that made its way into the kangkong, searing it with a lovely charred aroma - the accompanying garlic/sambal gravy was also seriously addictive stuff. Nice. (8/10). c loved it to bits - he couldn't stop eating it.

Then, all the dishes came: pork stir fried with basil was actually really with green beans - this was really delicious as well; again there was the wok hei charred aroma, and the pork had a nice zesty kick with much savoury goodness. i quite enjoyed this as well (8/10)

The Green curry was super authentic - it had all the little gourds that you'd find if you go to thailand (i know in chiangmai i hated those, but....that's another story) - and this one had lots of spices and herbs, with a very flavourful curry to go with it that wasn't too cloying and full of basilic goodness. (8.5/10)

the tom yam soup was pretty good - unadulterated, hot stuff, with a soury tang - not watered down for local palates, and i like that! (8/10)

the only dish i found that didn't really pass muster was the fish cakes, because that was a bit, insipid, to say the least. however, with so many wonderful dishes, that costs, between the 4 of us only SGD48 means this place is a place for keeps. too bad it's in the east. well all your easties have fun with it!

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