Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Papa Palheta

I'm a regular at Papa's (also known as PPP), and what i like is the real bohemian, relaxed vibe that infuses the place from the quaint "tasting bar", to the palm-lined alfresco area, to the unique antique turntables and gramophones, or just the friendly baristas and waitresses that have come to know me (and vice versa) such that it's one big happy family, and a family of friends. And the funny thing is everytime i go to papa's i always seem to meet some other friend that i know, which is really very quaint. maybe there are really that few places in singapore for good coffee, but i think, well, maybe there's all the other places, and there's PPP.

Papa palheta roasts their own coffee: leon ,the proprietor, was apparently influenced by the joints in melbourne, and came back to set up his own coffee shop selling coffee beans. there are many blends, such as the terra firma, or the ippolito, and many single origin beans such as the "sidamo", the "toraja", kenya, sumatra mandheling, and many others. i must confess that i've gone back so many times so that i can blog about this offhand. and yes, they do all sorts of coffee as well, from the espresso-based drinks made from their synesso machine (it's about the only place that uses a synesso, actually) to drip (paper-filter) coffee, which are more for single origins.

and of course, their coffee is good. i remember once trying a very lovely kenya drip coffee, which was done to perfection; fruity notes, rounded finish. for their espresso drinks, they normally use the terra firma blend, which gives some chocolatey notes, dark notes, and a bit of acidity and liveliness. it's a good drink to have. i usually order lattes anyway, but you could have it anyway you want, ristretto, macchiato, latte macchiato, etc, etc, etc.

in fact, im going back tomorrow. haha. say hie if you see me there .(if you know who i am).

hooper road, singapore. (near newton circus)

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Anonymous said...

heard they got a new barista?

their coffee art used to be horrendous but your pic looks much improved!

maybe will check it out again soon.