Sunday, October 17, 2010

40 Hands

40 hands is a relatively new cafe located in Tiong Bahru: it is very ulu, like you probably need a car to reach it, but it's a hidden gem. RIght now im trying to find the location of it, but i just can't: it's located well, if you travel along Tiong Poh Road all the way to the end, and then turn right, and then turn left into the condos, and then turn left again, you'll find 40 hands on your right in the low-rise HDB shophouses. Opened by Harry, who hails from Perth, this place boasts fantastic coffee, with beans imported from Australia (five senses, a household name). Apparently they even made a blend for him, so that's how serious he is about the coffee.

And the coffee, my goodness, is excellent. Very excellent. The latte has a roundedness and smoothness that cuts through the milk, and it is rich with nicely balanced flavours - I cannot describe it, just go try it. All that i know was that it was as fragrant and aromatic and yummy as good coffee should be. They use a Synesso and a Mazzer, serious stuff.

Only gripe potentially is the price: $5 for a single latte is a bit on the steep side. Still you get what you pay for, top quality coffee that's hard to beat in singapore.

Definitely a must-try and worth many return visits. I heard the almost croissant is nice as well.

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