Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fremantle Seafood Market

Clarke Quay's having some kind of promotion now, where most places serve a $15 nett set lunch, with free parking to boot. Thus one of these days after our class we hopped down to clarke quay to look for some good eats. and this place sprang out - fremantle seafood market. for $15, they served a pretty nice set lunch, consisting of three courses, namely a Seafood Minestrone Soup that came with mussels, and quite a lot of choices for the mains. My dining companions had a Roasted Barramundi over risotto, which was nice - fresh fish, flaky, and also, the risotto was not overcooked, with the right kind of texture.

I had the fish and chips which was pretty awesome. one of the best i've tried. very fresh, flaky fish, with a very nice "batter" of sorts that was just crisp and light, and the fries were quite awesome and went well with chilli. i mean, fish and chips is a dish that you really cannot go very wrong with - so long as the fish is fresh, the batter nice and crisp, that's good enough for me.

Dessert was just a light "strawberry-cheese" thinggum that was just aww-right, you know. nothing much to shout about but i'm happy with it.

Quite a good meal for S$15! Do try.'

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