Thursday, October 14, 2010

Platypus test Kitchen

S's friend recently opened this place located at clifford centre and urged us all to go down, so we went with him yesterday to try out platypus test kitchen, located at 2nd floor, clifford centre, in raffles place. It occupies a little corner, and is decored in the cafe style, with wooden chairs and stuff. They specialise in pastas, which are, according to owner nicholas, made fresh everyday - and there are of course dried pastas as well. And another great thing is that there's no gst/service charge, and upgrading to a set-meal is just an additional S$3 for drinks and soup, which you have a choice of.

Well, first up was the wild mushroom soup, which was quite nice; quite full of garlicky goodness, a bit of truffle oil perhaps and loads of wild mushrooms. you could tell the flavour was there and the chef really did his homework. nice work. (7.5/10)

The pasta I had was the recommended 'Summer truffles with reggiano pasta' - and this was really quite awesome! Shaved truffles accompanied fresh pasta, and the earthly reggiano cheese (with some truffle oil) to create a powerful, rich, complex, and earthly flavour - more complex than mushrooms with a delicious aftertaste. no wonder truffles are so sought after. but this was very very good. didn't need any other ingredients to liven up the taste, this was great on its own. (9/10) - yah usually i don't give 9s but this was quite amazing.

The other pastas were nice as well: crab meat tagilitale (how do you spell it) tastes of the sea, while squid ink pasta with marinara sauce had alot of seafood goodness as well.

And kudos to nicholas the owner for indulging us with some drinks afterwards +) go support him!

Worth a return visit, and many more.

Platypus test kitchen
Clifford centre, level 2.
walk right to the end

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