Friday, October 15, 2010

Por Kee Eating House

Por Kee, is apparently, a very old institution well known among the Cantonese for serving authentic Canto zhi char. My family was there last sunday to try out the food. Located in the neo-deco low-rise blocks of tiong bahru, it makes for a very retro setting: outdoor seating amidst the car park, night breeze, and low rise buildings all around. quite old school, and nicely so.

NOTE: SORRY for the poor images, we were outside and the lighting was bad.

I heard that the hor fun was good, and so we had to order that. When it came, we weren't disappointed: the hor fun was very fragrant, delicious, and full of that wok-hei. Very flavourful, perfect to go with a bit of red chilli they serve on the side for that little kick. the seafood accompanying it was very fresh as well: prawns, fish, squid. Only thing was that the vegetables were a bit overcooked, but well, the positives far outweigh the negatives. (8.5/10)

The next dish was their "zhao pai (signature) bean curd" - and this was truly wonderful; the beancurd was homemade, the sauce had this smoky flavour to it, perfect for spooning over rice. It was a complex mix of flavours that was very alluring. nice stuff. (8.5/10)

the stir-fried venison with ginger and spring onions was just okay: nothing much to shout about. (7/10)

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves with garlic was alright as well, but I prefer the one at Siang Hee - this one was a bit too well-cooked (6.5/10)

And the last dish, the piece de resistance, was the 'champagne pork ribs'. I'm not so sure where the champagne was, in all of that, i suppose there were hints of some acidic stuff used in the marinade, but overall the pork ribs were smoky, charred, flavourfully robust, and a joy to eat. tender as well. great dish. (8.5/10)

Great zhi char worth a visit.

69 SENG POH LANE #01-02

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