Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bee Kia Seafood

M and L wanted to have dinner, and so suggested a place near M's house - a little zhi char called Bee Kia seafood, located at Balestier Hills Shopping Centre. It is pretty non-descript, just a little coffeehouse by the road, but my word the food was good. The four of us (L brought his girlfriend along) only paid about S$8 each for the meal, which was a steal.

We had sliced beef with kailan - this was really nice; the beef was in the beef-hor-fun style gravy (except with no hor fun, of course), with tender beef and kailan. Nice. (8/10)

I was very impressed with the HotPot Beancurd as well; the gravy was just soooo yummy, you know, it was starchy and gooey and eggy at the same time but there was a wonderful smokiness of flavour to it, that made it all the more yummy and perfect for splashing on rice. a great find - worth recommending! (8.5/10)

Everyone loved the fried baby squid and i have to concur - though I don't really like baby squid but this was done very well. (7/10)

Sweet and sour pork's their specialty: this was pretty good, with the right amount of tanginess and crispness. (7/10)

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