Monday, November 29, 2010

Michel Cluizel's Mandago

Bought a bar of Michel Cluizel's Mandago from Culina (S$7) for the studying haul - it's been excellent! dark, rich, with full of texture; and a flavour reminiscent of spices, namely spice cake, cinammon, and i swear, even a bit of smokiness from the cigars. Which sometimes is amazing considering it's chocolate, but sometimes I like to eat just chocolate - methinks I might go back to try another bar. It's got a long, incredibly long, aftertaste - after I uploaded all the photos and done all the editing, it's still in my mouth. haha. Exams are until the end of this week so time for another bar, i'd reckon.

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hpdeskjette said...

Try the purple dark chocolate one. I think its Maralumi. It's one of my favourite dark chocolates. It won the Salon du Chocolat prize in... '07 or '06?