Monday, November 29, 2010

Xu Jun Sheng Teochew Porridge

the great thing about having exams in the east is that i get to try all the yummilicious east food which is just yummy. and today i went to a place highly recommended by ieatishootipost and by makansutra called Xu Jun Sheng Teochew Porridge, located at 59 Joo Chiat Place. Seriously joo Chiat Place must be the king of food streets - it has fei fei wantan mee, kim choo bak chang, and xu jun sheng teochew porridge just a block from each other. and of course, Private affairs.

This place was absolutely rustic - a little corner shophouse; and well, alot of things we could order. of course - as in teochew porridge. We, having just finished our exams, were famished beyond belief - so we just ordered away. Here goes nothing!

Otah - freshly made, soft.

the freshly fried sweet potato leaves was a revelation - very fresh shoots, and with garlic. yums.

fresh squid was not bad - not too chewy, with just the right texture.

Chai Po Neng, aka "chai po omelette" was extremely nice - freshly fried, full of aroma of the hot wok and oil.

Fish cake - can't go wrong; i suspect this was homemade.

And the piece de-resistance was the Duck with Chestnuts - braised duck so tender that the meat just fell-off-the-bone, with "san cheng rou" on the side in the sauce to make it a lovely slurpadelicious sauce to go with porridge. this was a standout.

I really wanted to order the 'Orh-nee' because apparently that's their speciality which, word has it, can thrash some top Teochew restaurants, and since I'm teochew and I love orh-hee, had to order that. Unfortunately, (fortunately for my waistline), they were out that day. hmmph.

One of the best teochew muay places, I can give it a (8.5/10). Great stuff! worth going, especially if you live in the east and love teochew porridge like i do.

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Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) said...


We have relocated to 121 Joo Chiat Road S(427410). Our new contact no. is 6348 0973