Saturday, December 25, 2010

Au Baroudeur, Paris

Hello folks; I've just come back from a really LONG trip to London and paris filled with great eats, sightseeing, and family bonding. Here are some reviews of some restaurants I've been to: (the series starts). Nevertheless it must be said that, sometimes I can't remember exactly what the restaurant's name is, or the exact location; I will try to give you best locations as far as possible, especially for Paris, but it is really hard because there are really 1001 bistros in Paris.

Nevertheless, here goes.

Au Baroudeur, having finally looked it up on google, is a restaurant in Montparnasse, a bistro of sorts, located just outside the large square outside Gare Montparnasse. Glad to say that the food here was excellent.

I started off with some Foie Gras - I think i felt cheated because when I ordered Foie Gras i expected it to be a proper whole Foie Gras and instead I got Pate - but nevertheless the Pate was pretty delicious, being rich and sinful and smooth and livery, especially when smeared on toast. So I didn't mind. (7/10)

The main course was entrecote steak, which was, suffice to say, probably the best steak frites I have had in Paris over the course of 4 days (okay, it isn't alot, but I think i've had at least 3 steak-frites). Parisians love their steak frites, and almost every bistro will greet you with Entrecote Steak, or Bavette steak, or just 'Steak frites', nevertheless it's really just different cuts of beef served with Fries. This one was quite delicious, the meat having a flavour of its own that was so good you didn't really need the Onion sauce - which was a bit salty but complemented the dish pretty well. (8/10)

No desserts for me that day though - suffice to say in Paris and London i've been eating so well that i've put on a bit, so sometimes no desserts are good.

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Anonymous said...

in france, there is no such thing as friend foie gras (well, according to my french friend, the first time she saw one cooked that way was in singapore).

pate is the real foie gras, apparently.