Saturday, December 18, 2010

Au boradoeur

I've been having a great time eating in Paris, and I'm back in london now but I feel compelled to blog about some food now lest I forget the immaculate tastes amidst the new pleasures i am about to receive.
Here's a brilliant soup de poissons aka fish soup. I had quite a bit of this in Brittany since it is a specialty of that area, but this one was brilliant. Intense rich fish flavor with a complex smooth deep taste and aroma that seem to smell even better in the cold winter. Soak it with croutons spread with the special mustard sauce and dip it into the broth and you get a magical rich combination of flavors thats well quite irresistible. I'm tempted to give it a 9/10. Yes. 9/10 it is. Just for the sheer pleasure of drinking soup de poissons on a wintry day.

Ended off with some crepes with chocolate which was passable. Quite a nice texture from the crepe, suffciently fresh and pull-ey. 7/10

The service left much to be desired though. Absolutely bad.

Au boradoeur
Just outside gare du nord

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