Monday, December 27, 2010

L'Ecu de France, Paris

L'Ecu de France is a little brasserie/bistro that we went to in Paris - like the rest of our eating places in Paris this is not a "big name" place where everyone must go to, like Pierre Gagnaire, but just a little bistro we stumbled upon to satisfy our hunger craving. Paris is like that - with a million and one different restaurants all serving french-style Parisian food, your best bet is to be equipped with a food guide which will tell you where to go: unfortunately this isn't one, and neither did we have one. So, no choice - the only way to decide properly is to see if there's alot of people inside, which would tend to SHOW that the food is of certain quality.

So - this place was quite full, and thankfully it turned out alright, and pretty good too. I started with some beer - to cleanse the palate - I think it was a Saisons, and it tasted pretty interesting. Quite nice =D.
We were quite full from lunch and snacks, so I had a Plat (main course) + Dessert: the Plat was really good! It was a braised rabbit with a delicious sauce of butter, parsley, some other herbs which, pardon me, I am unable to recognise, but safe to say that it went very well with the rabbit. Rabbit is awesome meat food: full of gamey flavour, and very tender too - the gamey flavour is interesting and so so delicious especially with the sauce which was rather buttery and complemented the meat perfectly. Good stuff. (8.5/10)

The dessert was a rather RICH chocolate mousse - this was pretty good as well - rich and chocolatey as mousse should be - not like the insipid chocolate we get here. i somehow think chocolate is nicer in Europe, but maybe that's just me - can someone educate me why? (7.5/10)

Anyway L'Ecu de france is located near Gare D' l'Est, between that station and the boulevard de Magenta, on the right of the road linking towards it.

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