Thursday, December 9, 2010

Les Bouchons

Will be off to London and Paris like in a few hours, so here's my last post before I go and take more photos of food and eat -in london and Paris, of course.
we celebrated Z's birthday at Les Bouchons this week, and surprisingly, it's my first time there. I know I sound like a fake foodie, but really unlike everyone else who's earning money and rolling in the dough I'm still a student, and I can't justify eating at those expensive places. So I've never been to Jaan, Les Amis, Gunther's, FiftyThree, OTTO, et al. The only real expensive places i've been to are well, Joel Robuchon (in London), and Steirereck (in Vienna). But name hawker food and I just love that - I just find hawker food to be so appealing especially in Singapore, where there's just so much tradition in all those hawkers. And you know, it'll be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Back to les Bouchons, it's quite a famous bistro in Singapore for all the Francophiles, serving a mean steak-frites, and nothing much else. I mean, that's what they're famous for. So I guess all of us ordered the steak-frites; some ordered Sirloin and some Rib-Eye; I had my Rib-Eye medium rare, just the way I like it. It came with free flow of double-cooked fries that were pretty awesome.

Of course, before the steak there was plenty of "openers", namely the bread, and salad - they were alright. Nothing much to shout at - I've eaten at Parisian bistros, and of course the bread there is much better, but i'm not complaining. The salad - nuff. 'nuff said.

Back to the real meat, the beef, or boeuf - steak frites - this was pretty good, for Singapore standards.Quite a large slab of steak, well marbled, cooked to perfection - the insides were nicely red without being bloody - the outside, slightly charred. The taste: good, robust, beefy taste, characteristic of a well-done steak. I'm not such a steak person to be honest - but this was good. Definitely the real thing, perhaps, if Morton's is way too expensive (of course it is for an everyday meal) then Les Bouchons will be better. (S$32.50 for the steak). Oh yeah - the butter spread on top of the steak made for a heavenly pairing - the butter went so so well with the steak. Smooth, rich, delicious, and satisfying.

We headed over for drinks across the road, and there's a real quaint Parisian "wine bar" there. Ann Siang Hill's really trying to be little Paris - there's even a fake Parisian "blue" road sign - (those who've been to Paris will know what I mean) - along the walls. But it's a very nice little side street; reminds me of a little European town, with its little hills and all that. Nice.

Les bouchons
Ann Siang Road
(behind maxwell)

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adel said...

wanted to try out their steak frites for a while, never got around to, great to see a pic of it here..