Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Brasserie in Paris, St Michel

This is criminal since I do not have a NAME for this place (I forgot to take a photo and now it's too late to investigate): I can give u general directions though; it's right on Boulevard St Michel just outside the RER station, and overlooking the Seine River. It should have been very touristy, but it was not - pretty good food.

Duck confit was not bad - not as salty as the first one, with good meat; however the skin wasn't too crisp - which was a pity; still good duck fats when eaten is just so delicious - OOHHH the oomph in your mouth. just....bliss. (7/10)

Had a very good creme brulee after that as well - creme brulee always seems to taste nice in Paris, I wonder why. (8/10)

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