Monday, December 27, 2010

Yauatcha, London

Yauatcha is a restaurant opened by Alan Yau in London, and has managed to garner one michelin star; so on Sunday after church at All Souls me J and K went to check it out. The location opposite Flat White made it relatively convenient for us to grab a latte before the meal - or for K, since she needed her coffee fix. Well, how was the food, and decor, and service?

Well upon entering it is admittedly quite pretty, being modern and minimalist with chic black interiors, and lots of nice touches like swimming goldfish located in a square "fish tank" which also serves as the counter.

Service was top notch, faultless. Friendly without being too intrusive. We were offered tea, sat down, removed our coats, before we proceeded to peruse the menu. So many choices! Dim sum is usually like that, and they had many "novel" items which are non-traditional, but all the same refined.

We thus ordered the "winter melon dumplings", which were, admittedly, refined; smooth skin housing quite crisp winter melon fillings which managed to retain its juiciness. A bit short on flavour but nevertheless quite good. (7/10)

Next up was some roasted pumpkin duck puffs - this was quite interesting, since the duck was quite flavoursome and quite mushy, housed in crisp pastry. (7/10)

Century egg congee had hints of salted egg and century egg - and was flavoursome enough. Good. (7/10)

I liked the "chee cheong fun" with fried beancurd skin inside which made for interesting clashes of texture (smooth, vs crispy): (7.5/10).

Overall Service deserved an 8.5/10
But the food was well, decent, but not mind-blowing, maybe because well the dishes we ordered did not allow the chef to show his true prowess. Still, competent refined Dim Sum if you are in London. It did not blow me away like l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, but that is a 2 star restaurant and I guess there are some differences in comparison between french food and Chinese.

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Anonymous said...

I went there! It was pretty good, and cosy (albeit noisy, like the all other restaurants in london).