Saturday, January 1, 2011

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth coffee is an institution in London - it has been a specialist roaster for almost 30 years already, now, and it's the "de-facto" place of choice for coffee connosieurs in London - all the way before Square Mile Roasters and all the new coffee places came about. Monmouth coffee has been roasting and serving good coffee ever since 1970 and is still one of my de-facto standard coffee places to go in London. Truth be told, though, i much prefer the borough market branch as compared to covent garden, because, in comparing the 2 outlets, in my last visit to london i have had Much better latte at Borough market's Monmouth Coffee (complete with a snaking queue that lasted 30 minutes, at least) as compared to Covent Garden. But maybe it was just a bad day for the Covent garden branch, although many of you would agree with me / have agreed with me.

They sell beans as well - with little cooperatives from far away places and farms - which manages to maintain quality. It's nice. I have had the pleasure of trying many single origins from Monmouth, each with its own taste notes and flavours - and one exceptionally brilliant one was a drip from Kenya which had notes of red wine, and berries. This time, the latte (at Borough market) was nothing short of magical - cocoa notes, complex tastes, sweet, rich, creamy and intense. Almost a perfect score, I'd have to add. (9.5/10)

The other time at the Covent garden branch wasn't so good - it was a bit bitter, without the natural sweetness of coffee interacting with milk. Probably only a 7/10.

Well, do try it out and tell me!

Monmouth Coffee
Borough Market, London Bridge Tube

monmouth coffee
Seven dials (Monmouth Street)

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