Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More coffee in london: Flat White and Milkbar

Sigh work has started - so well gone are the free days of sleeping a bit longer, later, and lazing away, but then again, work is, well, challenging and fun and I like using my mind again, which has been dormant ever since JC days.
yes i'm not kidding.

Anyway, here's more coffee in London. I'm reviewing both flat White and milkbar since they are related to each other. Flat White is located at Berwick street while Milkbar is at Bateman street, and they are like sister outlets. Having said that though flat white is tons better. Tons. First up, the proprietor was really friendly and cordial, typical Aussie, I talked to him a bit about coffee and all that. Had a really really amazing amazing carrot cake there - which he said, in his own words, was "beautiful" and I totally agree. It was chock-filled with nuts and carrots, with an amazing cream cheese topping, and the taste was just magical, really worked like magic. It's funny how cream cheese, dairy products, and all that, are so much NICER - more creamy!! This was great. (9/10)

The coffee was quite good as well, at Flat White: my flat white was quite strong, and full bodied. not bad. (7.5/10).

Milkbar though was a disappointment: my flat white didn't have wet foam at all, it was just of horrible texture poured in, and in the end looked nothing better than urm, KOPI. Really. lousy. (3/10)

So if u want to go to one of these, go to flat white instead. haha. but there are other better ones.

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