Saturday, January 15, 2011

Notes Music and Coffee

The final coffee stop in London was at Notes Music and Coffee, St Martins Lane; I had tried to visit this place the night before but couldn't find it, but thankfully armed with google maps it was a much easier task this time. I quickly sneaked out from the train station to buy a takeaway while the family waited at leicester square, as we were heading to heathrow. So it was a jiffy affair, really, but then I was quite impressed with everything.

The interior of the cafe was really well done; very warm, with alot of old furnishings, music, cds, and of course, the coffee machine. I started chatting with the barista and he told me I was really fortunate to have come that day because the 'winter espresso' blend had just come in, and so I could try both the 'winter espresso' blends, and the old 'autumn' blend (Both from Square mile roasters), and so, why not! I first had the "autumn" espresso, and I remembered tasting much spice and fruit in it, it was quite "spicy" in flavour. Quite enjoyable.

next up, I ordered the winter espresso - this one had less of the spice notes - it did however have a more "cream" finish, very nice aftertaste.

And at the end - i ordered a flat white to go - and this was quite excellent; notes of dark chocolate, luscious on the palate - as the espresso interacted with the steamed milk. Good stuff.

Coffee probably: 8.5/10
Highly recommended if you're in london.

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