Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ah Orh Teochew Restaurant

Ah Orh is one of those classic Teochew restaurants that any self-respecting foodie would go to, and know, and especially if the foodie is from a clan of Teochews, he had better know Ah Orh. So the foodie trooped down to Ah Orh one day with his father's cousins (okay so those are his uncles and aunties) - and he had a feast.

First up was Jellied Pork Terrine - classic teochew dish, especially delicious and refreshing when dipped in the tangy chilli sauce.

Oyster omelette ("Orh luak") was next - this was the classic dish. Ah Orh's version had, well, pretty fluffy egg and relatively fresh oysters. That did the trick for me even if I'm not a big fan of orh luak. I much prefer raw oysters, but of course, those have to be really fresh.

The steamed pomfret was amazing. Such sweet flesh, steamed to perfection, with just a bit of salted vegetables and sour plums on the side. Fish should be cooked this way, such that the sweetness of a pomfret can be unadulterated. This is a 9/10. Seriously.

Then we had some la-las which were, well, usual....

Some vegetables as well....

A quite delicious gooey gravy-like thinggi with mushrooms and ....well, tasted quite delicious. Who says teochew food is only bland?

Cold crabs were next. not as good as "Singapura", admittedly, but still good.

And of course, some baby clams in a tangy thai-like salad concoction. Sorry i'm really bad with names.

And orh-nee for dessert. a great meal, washed down with some good old carlsberg.

overall: 7.5/10