Friday, April 22, 2011

Cotton Bleu

It was my birthday, so the family decided to ... well, take me out for dinner, and I was in the mood for some French. I usually never eat French because well it's usually very expensive, but hey shawty it's my birthday we're gonna party like it's my birthday. So you get the idea - I get to choose what I want to eat because hey it's my birthday!

So I googled up Hungrygowhere (actually not google lah, it's just an app) and I came across this place - Cotton Bleu. The reviews were very glowing and so i thought, why not! Let's give it a try.

located at Yew lian Park (near the Chicken Rice at Thomson), Cotton Bleu is a quaint family-owned establishment, like those you'll get at Parisian bistros. it's not fine-dining, but it doesn't have to be. It's a homely French-style bistro with, well, very tasty French classics, executed superbly. The decor had well, lots of black-and-white photos of Paris, and the walls were decked in, you guessed it, pastel-blue wallpaper. All made for a good meal.

Everyday, there was an option of a S$42 set dinner, which comprises of one choice from the entree, one choice from the mains (plats), and one choice from the dessert menu. Very affordable, especially considering $42 might be the price of one dish in a high-end French restaurant.

Before the entrees came though, we were treated to their homemade bread, and this was brilliant. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, full of bread fragrance, fluffy as well - a joy to eat even without any butter. my dad enjoyed it so much he had three more. yes.

For the entree, i ordered a Pate - this wasn't bad, it wasn't too gamey, with quite a bit of fat and innards to get things going on nicely; Not too bad, but on hindsight the scallops would have been better: the scallops were fat and sweet and served with rosemary. Excellent, well-executed dish. (7/10)

For my main, I ordered a Rosemary Rack of Lamb; Sprigs of rosemary on lamb cooked to perfection, pinkish and, succulent. The rack was a delight to gnaw; the meat had enough lamb flavour without being overpowering and I also enjoyed the lentil beans that it was served with. Very nice. (8/10)

I tried my mum's Beouf Bourginionne and this was brilliant: i tried to make it a few weeks ago but not to any success, while this version was a revelation; perfect beefy flavour, with the roundness coming from the wine, and served of course with mash. totally hearty, and I tell you, it thrashed many a beouf Borginnione (sic) in Paris. Totally. (9/10)

For desserts, i had the boring creme brulee; it was prettty good, competently executed. (7/10)

Later on, the chef came to talk to us: and it turned out that he's French! He married a singaporean and came here to set up a bistro/restaurant, and that probably explains the high quality of the food. Cotton Bleu is a place totally worth going, and comes highly recommended. Won't blow a hole in your wallet, too.