Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard

I am sorry I have not been updating the food blog, as I have been much too busy and lazy to do so. It's relatively tiring because one has to firstly download the photos from my phone to my computer, and then upload it again later. Which makes for a great big hassle which contributes to my lack of postings.

I went with C to Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard, for a little dinner. Which was pretty nice, and atas and all chi-chi, if you know what I mean, since well, marmalade pantry is a quintessential tai-tai hangout. But as I remember, it used to serve good food, so I guess that's why we were there.

Two of us shared the 'caesar salad with poached egg and avocado' which was, well, caesar salad. The poached egg was alright but I think I have had better - it was rather too vinegarish. the avocados were nice, though. 'twas a nice appetizer I guess. could have got much worse.

Next up, for my mains, I had the ubiquitous beef burger - which was well, RELATIVELY LOUSY compared to what I had imagined it to be. Yes the beefy flavours were still there, the chutney was good, but it was really HARD. Yes, unfortunately, hard beef and myself don't really go together well. [6.5/10]. And the portions were quite small and on hindsight I should have gone for the steak sandwich.

Last but definitely not least we shared the sticky date toffee pudding. marmalade pantry's sticky date toffee pudding is to me the de-facto standard. It's too good to share but since I'm on a weight-loss program I had to share. *shows face*. the rich and warm intensity of the pudding balanced by naturally flavoured vanilla ice cream always does it for me. [8/10]


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