Monday, June 20, 2011

Mitzi Cantonese Restaurant

Mitzi is apparently (according to Makansutra) a very old name in Singapore food, having previously been situated at Murray Terrace, but they've moved down a little bit to Tanjong Pagar Road itself (about where Tanjong Pagar Road intersects with Duxton Hill). I went there alone at 9pm looking for some good grub after the gym workout, and makansutra led me to Mitzi Cantonese Restaurant for some good 'horfun' which was highly touted as one of the best in town. With such good accolodates coming from a respected guide, that's where I went.

It's an old-style cantonese restaurant, not much in terms of decor, just mirrors, and a bunch of old ladies (the proprietor's family, mostly) sitting around talking in Cantonese. Being the only person there, I asked if they were still open. They were. The waitress was almost like a mother, asking me to "qing zuo", and in response to the fact that I don't speak cantonese, spoke to me in Mandarin with the usual banter - "oh i'm teochew/hokkien" "oh i see" (whispering to everyone else - he's a teochew!) and all of the rest were "ohhh" know, something you see in the dramas.

I ordered the seafood horfun, waited for it to come. When it came, it looked wonderful. Eggy starchy gravy on top of the horfun, with many pieces of fish, prawns, scallops, and the like. And the taste was outstanding as well. The eggy hor fun had so much flavour in every bite, and it was filled with the "wok hei" flavour of a good hot wok in the hor fun. The seafood was very fresh and sweet as well, and, coupled with the cut chilli, made for a very satisfying meal. Highly recommended.

Next time I shall come with more people to try their (apparently) delectable offerings such as the 'pai kuat wang'. Anyone who wants to join me, please pm me!