Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creperie Des Arts

It's about a month since I've posted in TFIM (the foodie in me), and I guess everyone's a little tired out from work, well, at least I am. I haven't taken a single day of leave since January 3rd so I guess I am entitled to be a little wee bit, jaded, for the lack of a better word in my humble vocabulary.

Anyway, back to TFIM. Last May (2010) I had the wonderful privilege of going to Brittany (Bretagne in French), a province in north-western France, and in particular, St Malo and Dinard. It juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, and presumably being a coastal province seafood features heavily. Oysters are fresh (directly from Cancale, which is a major producer of oysters) and cheap - you could get a dozen oysters for 3 euros (the good kind). Also they are famous for their crepes and galettes, which were invented in Brittany, to be washed down with apple cider (cidre). Another famous dish was the Soupe De Poissons, or fish soup, which would traditionally be slathered on with a rouille and some cheese.

That was in May last year. Since then I haven't had the opportunity to have food from Brittany, until I came across Creperie Des Arts, which is a little non-descript bistro/creperie at Prinsep Street. Apparently the chef hails from Brittany as well and so everything is authentic. And having dined there, I have to say, that's very much the case here.

We started off with Soupe de Poissons - and it was as wonderful as I imagined it to be. Rich and comforting on a cold day, and being very tasty yet not too heavy like some lobster bisques are, with the 'bisquesque' method used to extract all the goodness out from fish. A worthy contender. (8/10).
[PS I tried making soupe de poissons at home once - it failed miserably. we just don't have the fish required to make the dish work].

For our mains, I had the galette with parma ham, sunny side up egg and cheese; the traditional recipe would substitute the original shoulder ham for parma ham. This definitely passed muster, and was in fact delicious. Hot, with the buckwheat flour going so well with the savoury ingredients, it transported me back to Brittany all over again. Good stuff. Excellent. In fact it could give some of the creperies back in Brittany a run for their money. And the portion was huge, so, top marks. (9/10).

For dessert we ordered crepes suzette since my friend decided he wanted to see Grand Marnier flambeed. It was good - though I'm not a big fan of crepes suzette! I much prefer crepes nutella or crepes maron(chestnut).

Do try it out!
Creperie Des Arts
[budget about $50 per person].