Monday, September 26, 2011

Kah hiang restaurant - international plaza

The good thing about working at tanjong pagar is the easy access to all sorts of wonderful food and kah hiang is one of them, an old gem that packs in the crowds week in week out, and only during lunchtime mind you.

My partner brought us out for lunch the first time, when I was still a trainee, but this time I went with a few colleagues, for a taste of their heavenly Claypot chicken with cabbage. A heavenly smoky aroma escapes from the claypot, with tender chicken in a delicious gravy which is both smoky, savoury, tasty, and oh so addictive, great for lacing over white rice. So good, it deserves a (9/10). Can still imagine the taste now.

The next dish was the pork with Szechuan vegetables because e wanted to eat this. Good stuff. Not as impressive as the chicken , obviously.

The sambal kangkong was done competently , crisp and fresh. The sauce was just run of the mill but still good. (7/10 for the other dishes)

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