Monday, September 26, 2011


Had dinner at kiraku (market street) prior to the big d birthday bash at royal room, and this was indeed a wonderful meal. Slightly pricey yes but well I would say pretty much a healthy delicious and well prepared Japanese meal.

Having coincidentally bumped into a couple of my friends on the way out whilst we were entering the restaurant, I asked them what was nice and they told me - spicy salmon maki- so I had to try that and indeed it was delicious. Fresh salmon in a spicy sauce with other delicious goodies. Yummy. So good I ordered another after that. (8/10)

I was very tempted by the possibility of eating aburi salmon and eel and so I ordered the aburi salmon and Eel set and this was divine - smokey aburi salmon and eel on top of sushi rice- ahhhh the simple pleasure of life. Trust me, I was very sad when the last piece of aburi salmon was gone. (8.5/10)

Sian I think I'm going to get myself a blow torch for good measure. It might be fun aburing salmon, not to mention delicious.

This restaurant is famous for wagyu shabu shabu apparently but the budget told me not to indulge in it- the alternatives dare I say were better

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