Monday, September 26, 2011

Little part one cafe

Am on a blogging spree now and let's just ignore the picture quality that comes from uploading from the iPhone. N s and I went to the little part one cafe which is a really quaint homely and beautifully decorated cafe in upper Thomson namely along jasmine road. The decor is really amazing full of photos and weird stuff ,

N and s were a little held up in traffic so I had a beer to start off with, a hacker pschorr steinweissbier. Beeradvocate only rated it a b+ so I didn't expect to be wowed but really this was great! Strong aroma, full of spiced bread, and it really tastes of banana and spiced bread just like a good heffweissbier should taste like. So drinkable that in a short Span of time it was gone. My rating: A-

N and s finally arrived so we had our mains which for me was the Belgian fish stew. Pretty good, fresh fish and mussels in a usual marinara styled stock. Pretty pricey though- and I wish there was just more of the hearty tomato stock- and maybe less tomatoish and more- rich.

And at last I finished with a la trappe quadruple which was brilliant - hints of vanilla and very complex. Very nice. I dare say, somewhat more drinkable to my mind than a chimay. A

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